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domingo, 13 de diciembre de 2015

Be a Person in Good Mental Health

by Franco Geleno  |  in The Immunotherapeutic at  15:42

 Be a Person in Good Mental Health

Health does not only refer to the physical heath, and the mental health is as important as physical health. Mental health plays an important part in the health of modern people.
And then, what is mental health?
An individual can adapt to the changing and developing environment, with sophisticated personality characteristics; his or her cognition, emotional response and volitional behavior is in an active state, and can maintain the normal ability for adjustment and controlling. In practice of life, the individual can know himself or herself better, control himself or herself consciously, treat the influence from outside environment correctly, and keep the balance and coordination, and with characteristics, an individual has the basic feature of mental health.

At present, people’s definition for mental health is shown as follows:
With sufficient adaptability;
Know herself or himself well, and be able to make some comments on their own ability;
The goals of life are in accordance with the practical situation;
Without getting out of practical environment;
With the ability to keep the integrity and harmony of personality
Be good at learning from experience;
With the ability to keep good interpersonal relationship;
With the ability to work off steam and control emotions

 The Immunotherapeutic Potential and Anti-tumor Effects of Recombinant Mycobacteria

 Intravesical instillation of BCG is one of the most effective treatment and recurrence prevention approach of bladder cancer. It is considered that the clinical results is significantly improved if combined with intravesical perfusion of rIL-2. However, as the BCG and IL-2 dose are large and administration is frequent, so this therapy is associated with some complications such as disseminated mycobacteriosis disease.

M.semgmatic, isolated from soil, is fast-growing, non-pathogenic cmpared with BCG . With the devolpment of molecular biology and DNA recombination technique in recently year, recombinant mycobacterial allows us to explore the possiblity that the inherent immunostimulatory properities of mycobacterial could be modified or potentiated through the secretion of cytokines and further more to develop a new method for treating and preventing the recurrence of transitional bladder cancer.In the present study, first, the human IL-2 mycobacterial shuttle-expressing plasmid was constructed, and recombinant forms of M.semgmatic which express and secrete biologically active IL-2 was developed. Then, Babl/c mice were immunized with this strains by intraperitoneal injection, cell-mediated immune responses in spleenocyte and responses of mice to infection with it was observed. Meanwhile, antiproliferative effect against transitional cell carcinoma lines and cytotoxicity of these strain were investigated respectively in vitro, and the morphological or surface phenotype changes on transitional cell carcinoma lines were observed. Moreover, its anti-tumor effects on subcutaneous tumor model in T739 micewas studied and the effect on immunocompetent cells of tumor tissuse were observed. The main results and conclusions are as follows:

  1. The Shuttle plasmid pR-IL-2 was constructed. It includes hsp70 promoter and an antigen signal peptide gene that targets IL-2 for secretive expression, which was amplified using the PCR method. The pR-IL-2 was identified by restriction map, DNA sequencing. The results showed that ligation of promoter ,an -antigen signal peptide gene and IL-2 is correct. Shuttle plasmid pR-IL-2 is successfully constructed.
  2.  The pR-a-IL-2 was introduced into the M.semgmatic by electroporation and the recombinant forms of M.semgmatic was identified by restriction map, DNA sequencing and IL-2 bioassay. The secretion of IL-2 from recombinant of M.semgmatic was detected by Western blot and MTT colorimetry and the IL-2 activity in supernatant reached 118.5U/ml.The stability of the recombinant M.semgmatic in vitro was studied, the result showed that the recombinant M.semgmatic has more stable when it growed with Kan resistence in vitro,it can contiune propagate for 20 generation without Kan resistence and did not lost plamid.
  3.   Our observation revealed of M.semgmatic vector- M.semgmatic and recombinant M.semgmatic all have antiproliferative directly on bladder tumor cell growth in vitro, the recombinant M.semgmatic is most effective in all.

The tumoricidal activity of SMAK effector cells of the recombinant M.semgmatic and LAK cells are high. However, no significant difference between SMAK effector cells of the recombinant M.semgmatic and LAK cells was observed.

After the recombinant of M.semgmatic on bladder tumor cell, we find tumor cell become proliferative slowly, detach, quantity decreasing and death under microscope, and various degree degeneration on most of tumor cell, disorganization on organell, aggregation on chromatin, pycnosis on nucleolus, and some Cytoplasm Lysis, nucleus fragmentation, cell coat disruption, organell escape were observed on tumor cell under transmission electronmicroscopy. In vitro experiments on a panel of bladder tumor cell lines (EJ, BTT739) using the flow cytometry analysis indicate that all forms M.semgmatic could induce or up-regulate the expression of HLA-DR and ICAM-1, the recombinant of M.semgmatic are most effective in all.

These results suggest that the recombinant of M.semgmatic have more immunomodulatory properties, ant...

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